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Massage: A Healthy, Holistic Approach to Overall Wellness

Massage Relieves Stress and Tension

Why massage? Getting massage is a healthy, holistic  approach to overall wellness for your muscles and body.  Realigning your muscles helps get the blood flowing!  When you have tight muscles, and adhesion's "knots" it does not allow for proper blood flow. When you receive massage, the massage therapist works on your muscles which allows blood flow to increase and therefor forces the toxins to leave your body.  Massage helps with relaxation, stress relief, headaches due to tension, sore muscle relief from exercise and much, much more.

There is extensive research being done right now having to do with the effects of massage and health.

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About Steph Bedaw

Stephanie Bedaw, Licensed Massage TherapistLicensed Massage Therapist Stephanie Bedaw is versed in a multitude of different massage modalities such as, myofascial release, deep tissue, sports massage, ROM, hot stone, Swedish, and Thai Yoga massage. She is also a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.
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Location & Directions

Progressive Rehab Massage Therapy is located in Nashua, NH. We also are available for onsite massage for athletic events.

Main Location:
CrossFit Nashua
106 Perimeter Road
Nashua, NH
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(603) 831-1877


"I had recurring pain in my right shoulder from hurricane surf in Rhode Island. Steph worked on it with me and now the pain is gone."  — BKL

 "As an older athlete, low back pain always limited my gains. Steph's rehab work helped to relieve the pain and now I am working at full capacity."  — JJ

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